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    Updated on Jun 30, 2019. Posted on Aug 30, 2016

    21 Ways To Make Chili's Employees Hate You

    "I want my sanity back, sanity back, sanity back..."

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    1. Make a "clever" pun.

    2. Ask obvious questions.

    3. Not understand the difference between a salsa and a sauce.

    4. Bring your own fucking food to a place that serves it.

    5. Leave a shitty tip IN CHANGE.

    6. Order anything 15 minutes before closing.

    7. Not read the menu.

    8. Order a main entree as a "side."

    9. Drink the salsa through a straw.

    10. Forgo tipping all together.


    12. Air your dirty laundry.

    13. Not grasp pronunciation.

    14. Be a douche about happy hour.

    lanaedeann / Via

    15. Be SUPER inappropriate.

    16. Get into a physical altercation.

    17. Ask for a different coffee after hearing all the options.

    18. Be super weird about your ordering preferences.

    19. Make life hard for your busser.

    chilisproblems / Via

    20. Feel insulted when they don't have what you want.

    21. And finally, make the same joke literally every single person in the world has already made.

    me: how did you enjoy your meal? customer *w an empty plate*: I HATED it! Hahahahahah me: #serviceindustryheadass

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