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15 Photos That Are Pretty Darn Funny And Prove Everything Is Not What It Seems

No, look again.

1. No, it's not what you think. Look *closer.*

2. And no, this woman does not have four legs.

3. This dog is not...doing what you *might* think.

4. And this cat definitely does have a body.

5. Despite what you may see, this arm does belong to her.

6. This car does not have a driver.

7. And this girl had incredible timing with that particular pose.

8. This girl is not showing her midriff.

9. And there is not a cat at this concert.

10. This dog does not have a human body.

11. And contrary to what you might think, this man does not have a tiny arm.

12. This gentleman is not wearing heels.

13. This child does not have an adult head.

14. And this cat is not doing a magic trick.

15. And finally, those legs are *not* what you think.


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