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15 Photos That Are Pretty Darn Funny And Prove Everything Is Not What It Seems

No, look again.

1. No, it's not what you think. Look closer.

2. And no, this woman does not have four legs.

3. This dog is not...doing what you might think.

4. And this cat definitely does have a body.

5. Despite what you may see, this arm does belong to her. 

6. This car does not have a driver. 

7. And this girl had incredible timing with that particular pose. 

8. This girl is not showing her midriff. 

9. And there is not a cat at this concert. 

10. This dog does not have a human body. 

11. And contrary to what you might think, this man does not have a tiny arm. 

12. This gentleman is not wearing heels. 

13. This child does not have an adult head. 

14. And this cat is not doing a magic trick.

15. And finally, those legs are not what you think.