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    18 Times People Truly Got Creative With Graduations During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    Toss that cap.

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    1. This super creative diploma handoff:

    2. This unique graduation parade:

    3. And this other all-out graduation parade:

    4. This adorable moment between this student and her grandpa:

    5. This poor girl whose family put on a backyard graduation only for the school's slideshow to skip her:

    6. This student who had the most creative graduation walk:


    so I graduated from college yesterday and my family begged me to pretend I was walking across the stage... just wait for it ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - danielleeeod

    7. This mom who made her graduating daughter feel special on her big day:

    8. This school that tried to do a meaningful thing, flopped:


    POV: you're the principal of my little sisters high school knowing darn well this is ain't it. ##fypシ ##TossYourCap ##graduation2020

    ♬ original sound - banzvy

    9. This at-home graduation ceremony that was short and sweet:

    10. This diploma moment that could not be re-created in an auditorium, that's for sure:

    11. This virtual graduation worth a million turnips:

    12. This recent grad who basically said "cowabunga, dude!"

    13. This graduation photo shoot that was, shall we say, a sign of the times:

    14. This grad who wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to make a splash:

    15. This very mundane med school graduation:


    When you graduate med school but your graduation is canceled ##quarantinelife ##covid19 ##graduation2020 ##MD ##lifeiscanceled @rebeccarichards

    ♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

    16. This lucky grad who got to wear THIS:


    congrats to all the grads of ‘20 ❕here’s a cap for a day one 🤧 ##graduation2020 ##gradcap ##acrylicpainting ##foryou

    ♬ Glitter - Tyler, The Creator

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