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    A Woman Has Blown Up On TikTok After Openly Talking About Women's Hair Loss

    "Every person, at some point in their life, struggles with self-confidence. It’s not just you. You aren’t alone in your hair loss."

    Meet Jennifer — a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has been honest about her hair loss journey through a series of TikToks, many of which have gone viral. Her intention is to shed light on hair loss and androgenic alopecia by talking openly and candidly about it since it's a subject that's often considered taboo.

    Her most popular TikTok, which currently has 9 million views, showcases how she puts on and styles her wig.

    But Jennifer doesn't shy away from exposing her vulnerabilities to her audience, and in turn, many individuals have been able to relate to her experience.


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    "I have androgenic alopecia, meaning my hair is genetically thin and falls out more than the average woman my age," Jennifer told BuzzFeed. "I first started experiencing hair loss at 21 and felt so alone. I didn’t think women my age dealt with hair loss. It was so isolating."

    "I first wore wigs in 2014 when my hair fell out due to medications," Jennifer explained. "I hid the embarrassment of my thinning scalp under a bulky wig and did my best to hide the fact that I wore wigs. Back then, my hair loss only lasted a year. I slowly transitioned to my natural hair, but I started wearing wigs again in May of this year. That decision essentially happened overnight. I hated my hair and came to the realization that I was done hating part of myself. It’s been the best choice I’ve ever made for myself and my happiness."

    "Regardless of age, most women feel alone in their hair loss or hair thinning. I hope my page helps normalize hair loss for women," Jennifer continued. "I’ve done a lot of emotional healing in the past year through wearing wigs. Today I can easily smile or joke about my hair loss. I think that’s encouraging and refreshing for a subject that is usually so taboo."

    "I started my TikTok and Instagram account to ensure no other woman feels alone in their hair loss. I’ve loved the community of strong hair loss warriors on my page! They encourage me daily," Jennifer stated. "Every person, at some point in their life, struggles with self-confidence. It’s not just you. You aren’t alone in your hair loss. Take baby steps towards self-acceptance. Make whatever choice will help you feel beautiful."

    You can follow Jennifer for more inspiration on TikTok or Instagram!