A Viral TikTok Just Explained Why We're All Brushing Our Teeth Wrong, And I Learned Something New

    Did you know there are FOUR steps?!

    Yesterday, I learned something new from good ole TikTok that I...can't believe I didn't know before? User @kassyslays90 said the order in which (some of us) have been brushing our teeth is WRONG.


    I seriously had a root canal on Monday and he’s just now sharing this info ##dentalhygiene ##husbandsecret ##todaywelearned

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    Let's break that down, shall we?

    The final and one of the most important steps? Rinsing with ANOTHER *alcohol-free* *fluoride* mouthwash at the end.

    A few dental hygienists jumped in to confirm that this is actually the right way to do it!

    And popular TikTok dentist Dr. M (Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin) confirmed this, but with some additional notes on the order!

    Dr. M says that it's important to use the alcohol-based mouthwash (like Listerine) first if you have sensitive/bleeding gums. "Then you're going to want to brush for two minutes. Then you're going to want to floss. Whether you brush or floss first isn't actually super important, but the next step is important. You're going to want to use a fluoride mouthwash last," he states.

    In Kassy's video, she says that the last time her husband went to the dentist, they told him he didn't really need a cleaning. So this method must work. However, it's important to remember that your genetic makeup has an impact on your dental health, so some people might be more prone to cavities than others.

    So, there you have it! Were you doing it right all along, or were you (like me) doing this out of order? Tell us in the comments!