I Tried 4 Clothing Hacks That Are Game Changers And 1 That Is Straight-Up Bad

    Reuse that old tank top this summer!

    Hi internet! If you, like me, are addicted to TikTok, you may have stumbled upon clothing hacks and wondered if they're actually worth trying. Well, don't you worry. I decided to do the work for you! Below, I've found some of the most viral fashion hacks on TikTok and rated them based on how well they worked for me. So let's JUMP RIGHT IN and see how it went!!!

    button down hack

    In this button-down hack from @xosimplylo, she explains how to tie your button-down shirt in a way that lays evenly. You're going to want to thread one side through the gap between the buttons, then thread the other side through and tie!

    This hack was a success for me! I was left with a flat, horizontal tie in the front inside of a tilted, wonky tie.

    swimsuit bottom hack

    For this hack, @lifeoftanyamarie explains you need two swimsuit bottoms. You're going to want to put your arm and torso through the leg holes. The waist portion of the swimsuit will cross over your body. 

    As you can see, I struggled with getting my head through the right hole. But! Once everything was in place, I didn't mind the result at ALL. This actually functioned as a cute bikini top.

    triangle top hack

    For this triangle top swimsuit hack, @pvbthelabel says to slide the cups away from each other. Wrap the string the cups are attached to around your waist, then pull the ends of the cup strings and tie around your neck. Tie the remaining strings and crisscross them in the front, then tie behind your back.


    Reply to @olivia.guernsey hope this helps 🌞🥰 have fun at the beach!!!

    ♬ Supalonely x Glitter - TikTok Mashup - Eduardo Luzquiños & Rapidsongs

    Here's the thing: I don't have any triangle swimsuit tops, BUT I do have one that works exactly the way this hack explains. The cloth is already separated for you, so you end up tying the strings as explained above. I really like this top because it makes sure the girls are secure, so I don't doubt that a triangle top would do the same!

    Hack rating: 10/10

    strapless bra hack

    For the strapless bra hack, @hannahwarling explains to wear your bra as usual. Take the left strap and move it over your head and down your waist so that it is crossed against your body. Repeat with the right side. Then bring the straps so they sit below the cup.


    #stitch with @americanthreads this is genius! tag a bestie who loves off the shoulder looks! #brahack #clothinghacks #outfithacks #tiktokfashion #hack

    ♬ original sound - Hannah Warling

    I tried this hack with an old bra, thinking it would work for me, but oh boy I was wrong. Even though I pulled the straps through correctly, it resulted in a tangled mess that made the bra itself look super lumpy.

    tank top hack

    Twisting a standard tank into a different style hack: @sassyselenaa explains to put one strap inside the tank top and pull it through the bottom. Then, take both straps and cross them. Once you do that, slide your arms in the gaps that are closest to the edge of the shirt so your head can go through the center. 

    This was the most complicated hack out of all of them! It took me several tries. Putting your head through the correct hole is the most difficult part, but I really liked the end result?! This was an old tank top I was about to throw out because it was so stretched out, but I think I might repurpose it now. The only thing that bothered me was that one side of the shirt was inside out, so you could see the stitching. Maybe with more practice I can get it to look better!

    TikToker @glowupbytania shows that this hack also works on plus-size body types:

    final thoughts

    These were all fun to try as an experiment! My top favorites were the button-down hack and the swimsuit bottom hack, but I was disappointed by the strapless bra hack! You can't win 'em all, I guess. But I encourage you to try all of them for yourself! I'm glad I did...thanks TikTok!!