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    "You" Star Victoria Pedretti Revealed Her Thoughts On The Ending Of "You" And How She Feels About Viewers Romanticizing Joe

    "I think it's not so hard to rationalize.”

    Spoilers ahead! If you haven't completed Season 2 of You, you're going to want to steer clear of the content ahead. But do come back when you've finished.

    If you stayed, I'm assuming you've binged all 10 episodes, so you know that Victoria Pedretti plays Love, a Los Angeles native and Joe Goldberg's newest fixation.

    What you may not have seen coming was the twist at the end. After taking acid, Joe doesn't remember what he did the night before and slowly begins to convince himself that he killed Delilah. In reality, it is revealed that Love was her murderer.

    When asked about her reaction to the twist, Victoria told Teen Vogue, “It's a really extreme thing to do, right? To kill somebody. I don't think most people have that experience, to say the least."

    She continued, "I think that it's pretty easy to put a huge magnifying glass on all of her features that she was already presenting. Her fierceness, her protectiveness, her dedication to the people that she loves. I think it's not so hard to rationalize.”

    You may recall that Penn Badgley doesn't think anyone should be rooting for or romanticizing Joe, and Victoria's thoughts are one in the same. "People are going to say dumb shit. I don't truly believe that people want to sleep with a serial killer. It's just that Penn Badgley is not actually a serial killer, he's a sweet man.”

    To sum it all up, Victoria had some really A+ overall advice for viewers: "Don’t pursue serial killers. And also, nobody has sex the first time and comes simultaneously in five seconds. So, don't base your ideas about what sex will be like from television."

    Victoria has no idea how Season 3 will go, but she did tell Glamour, "I think I learned pretty early on that I can't predict shit with this show, so I'm ready to be blown away."

    And honestly? Same. We're already looking forward to binging it next year!