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    22 Niche '90s/'00s Snacks You Actually Forgot About And Also Haven't Seen On A Million Other Lists

    Yeah, duh, you remember Dunkaroos and Squeezits — but do you remember Nestlé Cool Creations?!

    1. Sprinkl'ins was more of a sugary treat than a "healthy" yogurt. Like, do you remember how sweet that vanilla flavor was? SO GOOD. The sprinkles were the best part, of course.

    2. I can still almost taste these Disney-themed Cool Creations ice creams. With the little sweet candies in them and the fruity-creamy flavor of the ice cream? Ugh, what a throwback. I'm sad these are gone.

    3. There's something about the density and flavor of the round balls of Reese's Peanut Butter Bites that just doesn't compare to the minis that are out today. This was truly a treat.

    4. I can't quite explain why, but Cheese Nips Sportz were the best cheese cracker I've ever tasted. I really think the sports shapes helped contribute to the flavor.

    5. OK, yeah, a lot of us remember Push-Up pops, BUT DO YOU REMEMBER THE ONES THAT HAD RAINBOW NERDS IN THEM? They were 100% the best.

    6. It's terrible that Better Cheddars don't exist anymore because they truly were a bigger, better Cheez-It. You got so much more cracker!!!

    7. Listen, Cheez-It Twisterz beat plain Cheez-Its any day, and you cannot tell me that I'm wrong!!

    8. P.B. Crisps! Is it a peanut? No! It's SHAPED like a peanut but with a little burst of flavor inside. Why aren't they still a thing?

    9. Let's be real here: Oatmeal is kinda boring, right? Oatmeal Swirlers really packed a punch in your taste buds with their variety packs.

    10. Kraft had SPECIFICALLY '90s mac 'n' cheese shapes — like Space Jam and Animaniacs — and I am so sad we will never experience that time again.

    11. Also, WHO REMEMBERS the millennium mac 'n' cheese and the dinosaur-shaped mac? Man, what a time.

    12. Comparable to Easy Mac, Ragú Express was basically instant spaghetti, and DANG was it good!

    13. Nestlé's Itzakadoozie is both a tongue twister and a twisty ice pop that was honestly just plain fun to eat.

    14. And Popsicle's Lick-a-Color changed both colors and flavors the longer you licked, which was great for those of us who couldn't ever decide on just ONE flavor.

    15. The character peel-out Fruit Roll-Ups and tongue tattoo Fruit Roll-Ups were BY FAR superior to the normal Fruit Roll-Ups. Sorry, but it's scientifically proven.

    16. If your parents bought you Fruit by the Foot Berry Tie-Dye and packed it in your lunch, you instantly made everyone around you jealous. It was the best flavor, hands down.

    17. Of course, Lunchables are still around. However, these specific Lunchables aren't! REMEMBER MAKING YOUR OWN HOT DOG WITH THAT DRY BUN? And that incredible brownie frosting? Yum.

    18. I don't know why Jell-O stopped making these pudding bites, but they were pretty darn good.

    19. Remember Ice Breakers Liquid Ice that kinda looked like masago? WHERE DID THAT GO?!

    20. I can't explain why Chupa Chups decided to make their Crazy Dips lollipop in the shape of a foot, but that stuff you dipped it in was basically Pop Rocks!

    21. Whoever invented Froot Loops Cereal Straws is a goddamn genius. I believe Kellogg's brought these back briefly, which is a step in the right direction.

    22. Finally, the thing nobody asked for: Chocolate Skittles.