15 Unexpectedly Wholesome Things You Need To See Today

    It's what you need today.

    1. This cat and his couch:

    2. This emotional and heartfelt letter:

    3. Everything about this acquisition:

    4. This adorable mother:

    I sent my mom a photo of the sky and she’s dealing with her own crisis

    5. This dad who has jokes for days:

    6. This extremely pure mother:

    7. This hilarious interaction:


    #tacobell #drivethru #fyp The guy in front of us was (jokingly) yelling at the worker and so we asked her what happened..

    ♬ original sound - hartdude2001

    8. This thoughtful stepdad:

    9. This moment that'll restore your faith in humanity:

    10. This funny neighbor:

    11. These best buds:

    12. This tiny duck in a flower hat:

    13. These BFFs playing chase:

    14. This moment of unfiltered joy:

    15. And finally, this incredibly heartwarming video: