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Tell Us A TV Moment Where Teens Didn't Act Like Teens

That's just unrealistic!

Who doesn't love a good teen drama? From Buffy to Riverdale to Glee to Sabrina — we've watched teens experience A LOT. But there were some moments when teenagers didn't exactly act like teenagers.

For example, maybe it was the time when the Riverdale cheerleaders put on a performance for Archie and everyone else he was locked up with...seemingly when they should have been in school?

Or maybe it was the whole "having a secret relationship with your teacher" thing that Aria and Ezra had in Pretty Little Liars — NOT TO MENTION SHE MARRIES HIM.

Ezra and Aria stare longingly at each other in a classroom

Or maybe it was the ~unbelievability~ of having two undead hot vampire brothers compete for a 16-year-old girl who constantly could not make up her mind on which one she really loved instead of, I don't know, doing homework?

Elena stands between the two vampire brothers who stare at each other

And listen, as much as we love these shows, we also suspend our disbelief a lot for the sake of drama! But we really do want to know a moment on a TV show when teens didn't act like teens. Leave yours in the comments below for an opportunity to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!