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    18 Canceled TV Shows That Were Actually Great And Deserved More Time

    We deserved more.

    Commenters on both Reddit and BuzzFeed had very strong opinions on television shows that were canceled just as they were beginning to get good. Here are some of the top shows:

    1. Party Down (2009–10)

    Adam Scott in Party Down

    "That cast was ridiculous! (Adam Scott! Lizzy Caplan! Jane Lynch! Kristen Bell!) and every episode was pure gold." —abbeyrhodes

    2. The Secret Circle (2011–12)

    Cassie in the Boat House

    "The Secret Circle was a good series with a lot of potential. Always thought it deserved more seasons." —fredadekock

    3. Carnivàle (2003–05)

    Ben looking alarmed and concerned
    HBO Max

    "Carnivàle on HBO was such a good show that was never given a chance." —PHM8

    4. The Last Man on Earth (2015–18)

    Phil speaking to Carol

    "I loved that show...and it ended on a cliffhanger when it was canceled." —amtrakabout

    5. The Lying Game (2011–13)

    Emma and Sutton switching clothes

    "The Lying Game will forever be my most 'WTF but I need to know what happens next' cancelation." —amandalp

    6. Pushing Daisies (2007–9)

    Kristin Chenoweth in robe

    "Pushing Daisies was a gorgeous and wonderful show, and I will never forgive ABC for canceling it." —Alg2020

    7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018–20)

    Sabrina looking up

    "I know this might not be a popular opinion, but I am real sad that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is canceled. Definitely not a perfect show, but it had lots of great parts and diversity, and in my humble opinion, was better than Riverdale." —River

    8. Better Off Ted (2009–10)

    Ted is approached at work

    "This cancelation seemed to be a case of the network not knowing really what to do with the show, as most people who watched it seem to enjoy it. I think this one may have been screwed by ABC a bit. Among other things, the last two episodes never aired in the US. The actual last episode was decent and provided a little bit of closure, but I think they were expecting a third to expand on it." —douglasac10

    9. Swamp Thing (2019)

    Boat under attack

    "It was canceled after the first episode was released, and then the episode count was dropped from 13 to 10. I think they did an admirable job trying to bring it to some kind of a conclusion, but it's still pretty open-ended. I was hoping HBO Max might revive it, but it doesn't look like that's happening." —_o-_o-oo_---_-o--_

    10. The Riches (2007–8)

    Surrounded by boxes looking down, dejected

    "It was canceled during the writers' strike years ago, and the final episode left the story wide open." —Metatonic-stone

    11. My So-Called Life (1994–95)

    Claire Danes thoughtful

    "I will forever be heartbroken about My So-Called Life. It was such a great show that wasn’t given a fair chance." —lizjs

    12. Clone High (2002–3)

    Chatting in booth

    "Clone High is my favorite show that only got one season, and they only aired half of it. That show was amazing." —Twoh7

    13. Popular (1999–2001)

    Popular DVD cover


    14. Selfie (2014)

    Eliza mid-convo

    "Selfie was a hidden gem. Karen Gillian was a joy to watch, and John Cho was awesome as well." —dabowler855

    15. High Fidelity (2020)

    Zoë smoking in chair

    "Zoë Kravitz is a gift to this world. It was so enjoyable." —Belleyre

    16. Tru Calling (2003–5)

    DVD cover for Tru Calling

    "Ended way too soon. Great plots, great casting. I have rewatched it several times and still enjoy it." —bagladyele

    17. Forever (2014–15)

    Henry Morgan over body

    "Forever (2014) with Ioan Gruffudd. Lasted one season. Would definitely have been interesting to see more of it." —Marto85

    18. LA to Vegas (2018)

    LA to Vegas promo shot

    "It didn't get much attention or publicity, but I loved LA to Vegas on Fox. Dylan McDermott was the pilot at a failing airline. It had some really funny supporting characters, and Dylan was hysterical. Definitely disappointed it only lasted one season. It seemed like it would've been a good fit on TBS or another cable channel." —Michael David

    What show do you think was canceled just as it was getting good? Let us know in the comments!

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