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    15 TV And Movie Adaptations That Poorly Executed A Specific Scene From The Book In A Cringey Way

    Sure, these adaptations were good, but there's always that *one* scene...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie or TV show adaptation was good overall — but what was one specific cringe-worthy scene from the book that was poorly executed? Here's what they said:

    1. In Twilight, when Edward steps into the sun.

    2. Voldemort's death in the final Harry Potter movie.

    3. The uncomfy Medusa scene in the first Percy Jackson movie.

    4. In The Hunger Games, the mutts weren't exactly as described in the books.

    5. In Maze Runner, Brenda should have been endgame — not Teresa.

    6. The CGI snake in Ella Enchanted — among other things.

    7. The low-stakes zip-line scene in Divergent.

    8. The entirety of Home.

    9. In Eragon, when Saphira flies up into the sky as a baby and comes down fully grown.

    10. The scene where Lyra finds Billy Costa in His Dark Materials wasn't done justice.

    11. In The Hobbit, the love interest between an elf and a dwarf (among other things).

    12. Harry and Ginny's first kiss in The Order of the Phoenix.

    13. In The Hunger Games movie, there's never a scene where Peeta loses his leg.

    14. In Ella Enchanted, they don't let Ella outsmart the ogres like she does in the book.

    15. know the scene.


    No explanation or reference needed."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity