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    15 TV And Movie Adaptations That Poorly Executed A Specific Scene From The Book In A Cringey Way

    Sure, these adaptations were good, but there's always that *one* scene...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie or TV show adaptation was good overall — but what was one specific cringe-worthy scene from the book that was poorly executed? Here's what they said:

    1. In Twilight, when Edward steps into the sun.

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    "When Edward steps into the sun in Twilight and his face literally sparkles like he’s covered in white body glitter. I literally laughed out loud in the theater."


    2. Voldemort's death in the final Harry Potter movie.

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    "Voldemort’s death! In the books, he died a human's death. It was meant to show that at the end of the day, Voldemort was like the rest of us: human. Not like in the movies, where it looks like someone shot a confetti gun filled with Voldemort ash."


    3. The uncomfy Medusa scene in the first Percy Jackson movie.

    "The Medusa scene in the first Percy Jackson movie makes me want to die inside. Why did Annabeth and that woman just STAND THERE and try not to stare at her for like five minutes, only for the woman to do the one thing you’re not supposed to do and look right at Medusa?! It was so uncomfortable to sit through!"


    4. In The Hunger Games, the mutts weren't exactly as described in the books.

    "The finale of the first Hunger Games movie with the dog mutts. In the book, the mutts were given the characteristics of the fallen tributes, including Rue, which contributed to Katniss’s survivors guilt and her PTSD in the future books."


    5. In Maze Runner, Brenda should have been endgame — not Teresa.

    "The final scenes in the last Maze Runner movie. In the books, Teresa didn't have so many credits like she was a hero, and THAT KISS WITH THOMAS DOESN'T EXIST. The endgame was always Thomas and Brenda, and the movie changed it in the worst way, turning Brenda into a mere supporting character!"


    6. The CGI snake in Ella Enchanted — among other things.


    "In Ella Enchanted, there's a letter-writing chapter. It’s so personal and emotional in the book and shows the growing relationship so well. It’s completely out of the film. I don’t know what they were thinking when they took a perfectly good story and threw it out to add an evil uncle, an awful CGI Snake, and stupid 2000s references."


    7. The low-stakes zip-line scene in Divergent.

    "After the game of capture the flag, Tris and the rest of her Dauntless teammates go for a ride on a zip-line. The zip-line doesn't have brakes and many Dauntless die from falling to their death — or smashing into walls if their team failed to catch them. In the movie, Tris goes down the zip-line 10 mph and it has a brake."


    8. The entirety of Home.

    "It's not a specific scene, but a whole movie. Home was a screen adaption of one of my favorite books, The True Meaning of Smekday, and while the book is amazing, the movie was nothing like it and sucked compared to it."


    9. In Eragon, when Saphira flies up into the sky as a baby and comes down fully grown.

    "Might be a deep cut, but Eragon from The Inheritance Cycle. Literally one of the worst adaptations. When Saphira flies up into the sky as a baby and comes down fully grown?! And literally all the relationship building between her and Eragon that happens in the books is apparently not important in the movie 🤬"


    10. The scene where Lyra finds Billy Costa in His Dark Materials wasn't done justice.

    "In the His Dark Materials series, they skimmed over the scene where Lyra finds Billy Costa. In the book, it was traumatic and heartbreaking. I cried."


    11. In The Hobbit, the love interest between an elf and a dwarf (among other things).

    "All of The Hobbit. Seriously. All three movies. The love interest between an elf and a dwarf? CRINGE. Some of the dwarves don't go to the lonely mountain? CRINGE. Elrond tries to stop the dwarves instead of providing help and guidance?! CRINGE. The Lord of the Rings was so perfect that I had high hopes for The Hobbit...then Peter Jackson butchered the story."


    12. Harry and Ginny's first kiss in The Order of the Phoenix.

    "Harry and Ginny's first kiss scene was such a letdown, especially since it was meant to be so surprising and public. They were full of spark and fire in the books. Their whole relationship had so much chemistry and it was the total opposite in the movies. Just wooden and awkward. I skip their kiss scene whenever I watch the movie now."


    13. In The Hunger Games movie, there's never a scene where Peeta loses his leg.

    "Not really a scene — more of a plot hole — but I wished they’d followed the book in The Hunger Games when Peeta lost his leg. I just felt like it added to his resilience and was part of his experience in the arena, but in the film they just removed that whole part!"


    14. In Ella Enchanted, they don't let Ella outsmart the ogres like she does in the book.

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    "Ella Enchanted on the whole is terrible, but the scene that annoys me the most is when Ella is captured by the ogres. In the book, Ella outsmarts them and rescues herself — with Char and his knights only showing up as she's getting away. In the movie, she's a typical damsel in distress and the prince swoops in conveniently at the last minute to rescue her. 🙄"


    15. know the scene.


    No explanation or reference needed."


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