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    10 Trader Joe's Purchases You 100% Need To Have A Small (But Delicious) Thanksgiving

    Having a solo Thanksgiving this year? Here are some personal-sized items that are worth buying!

    Among other things, 2020 has made us rethink the ways we celebrate with people. We've shifted to Zoom birthday parties and stayed in to celebrate graduations and anniversaries. With the holidays coming up, many of us won't be attending large gatherings to continue to practice social distancing, but that doesn't mean the holidays are canceled. If you're not cooking for a large group this year, you can still enjoy a delicious meal with these incredible Trader Joe's items. (Trust me — I've already tried them!)

    1. You've heard of Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, but Everything but the Leftovers is a *MUST HAVE* for Thanksgiving cooking.

    2. But do go with this frozen item: the seasonal butternut squash mac 'n' cheese.

    3. The vegetable holiday hash has nearly everything you need to create some stellar stuffing.

    4. Roasted Brussels sprouts have become one of my favorite sides, and the TJ's glaze and bacon takes it to the next level.

    5. If you're looking for a small serving of winter veggies that'll act as a perfect side that requires absolutely no work, get the roasted vegetables.

    6. The savory corn pie was something that sounded interesting, and when I tried it, it did not disappoint.

    7. If you're considering appetizers before the main meal, I 100% recommend picking up a box of the Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps.

    8. We can't forget about the main course! This frozen turkey and stuffing en croute exceeded my expectations.

    9. The Honeycrisp Apple Juice is indeed *sparkling* and is the perfect and simple way to make a seasonal mimosa.

    10. Finally, dessert! These mini Hold the Cone treats come in many different flavors, but the pumpkin ginger is their seasonal one.