21 Toys You Constantly Played With If You Were A Kid In The '90s

    The nostalgia is real.

    1. Entertaining yourself for hours by recording both yourself and your friends on your Yak Back

    2. Dressing your paper doll with the kits that came separately from American Girl dolls.

    3. Creating all kinds of things with the colorful — and messy —Moon Sand.

    4. Stacking these hollow, brick blocks that seemed to appear in every daycare or classroom.

    5. Braiding these friendship bracelets you made by intricately weaving together colorful pieces of string.

    6. Collecting a whole bunch of these Pokémon bouncy balls.

    7. Grooming your Shaving Fun Ken — which in reality was not that fun.

    8. Fighting evil with your handheld Tiger games.

    9. Dragging one of these beaded ropes out to recess so you and your friends could double dutch.

    10. Rocking your Beyond Pink Barbie out to the musical CASSETTE TAPE that came with her.

    11. Playing in one of these super cool pirate ships.

    12. Making the glitter glide around in these cups after you'd finished your milk.

    13. Playing with these Sesame Street and Disney-themed Poppin' Pals.

    14. Begging your parents to buy you Gak and quickly realizing that it looked way more fun on TV.

    15. Creating high quality art with these pens that worked when you blew the paint out.

    16. Blowing bubbles out of these tiny necklaces with even tinier bubble wands.

    17. Bringing one of these bad boys out when it was game night.

    18. Jamming out with your Fisher-Price record player and the colorful records that came with it.

    19. Going fishing with this cleverly designed game.

    20. Building whatever the hell you wanted with your Tinker Toy set.

    21. And finally, playing with one of these whenever you went to that ONE friend's house