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    20 Times Tumblr Dragged "Twilight" In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

    "Edward: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have not murdered Bella Swan. The bad news is that I told her absolutely everything about vampires."

    1. When they paused at just the right moment:

    2. When they found a way to make it better:

    3. When they pointed out Bella's sick comeback:

    4. When they pointed out this underrated scene:

    5. When they truly understood Edward's thought process:

    6. When they pointed out this Edward logic:

    7. When they realized Alice was along for QUITE a ride:

    8. When they nailed Bella's personality:

    9. When they went in on Edward underestimating Bella:

    10. When they understood Edward's sensitive nature:

    11. When they pointed out this funny fact:

    12. When they picked up on the detail in this scene:

    13. When the intensity of this scene faded just a little:

    14. When they got Robert Pattinson as a person:

    15. When they really felt Edward's abilities:

    16. When this casual moment happened:

    17. When they knew how 2020 Jacob and 2020 Edward would act:

    18. When they nailed Robert's reaction to the script:

    19. When they showed their true feelings about the whole imprinting thing:

    20. And finally, they perfectly summarized the entire series:

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