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19 Times Tumblr Told The Honest Truth About Being A Writer

Is this actually good, or am I just sleep deprived?

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1. When it summed up these familiar thoughts.

2. When it depicted this universal feeling.

3. When it tapped into this reality.

4. When it accurately captured this well-known struggle.


5. When this whole situation resonated perfectly.

6. When it accurately summed up a writer's diet.

7. When it understood the complications of the creative process.

8. When it perfectly captured fictional malicious desires.


9. When it wasn't afraid to state this struggle.

10. When it properly depicted the writing process.

11. When it articulated this common feeling.

12. When it captured this universal fear.


13. When it perfectly described this truth.

14. When it articulated this struggle.

15. When it honestly captured the entire creative process.

16. When it presented honest story title ideas.


17. When it got real about this dilemma.

18. When it described the difficulty of summaries.

19. And finally, when it realistically depicted tough writing days.