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21 Unrealistic Portrayals Of Teenagers In Popular TV Shows

Excuse me?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us a time when teens didn't act like teens in a popular TV show. (Even though, as much as we love these shows, we also suspend our disbelief a lot for the sake of drama!) Here's all the glorious TV moments they brought up:

1. When Betty does a striptease for the Serpents in Riverdale.

2. When Veronica ran the speakeasy in Riverdale.

Veronica at her speakeasy

3. When the teens in Gossip Girl were served underage.

4. When the level of teen attractiveness in The Vampire Diaries was a little absurd.

5. When the gang had co-ed sleepovers in Riverdale.

6. When the teens in Pretty Little Liars wore designer clothes.

The four friends of Pretty Little Liars dressed fashionable

7. When Jughead faked his own death in Riverdale.

8. When the teenagers in Riverdale, Smallville, and Veronica Mars basically solved intense murder investigations that detectives couldn't crack.

9. Monse and Cesar's friends with benefits situation on On My Block.

10. When the Gossip Girl crew stopped attending really prestigious universities.

Blair and Serena saying "wow, weird vibe"

11. Haley and Nathan literally getting married in high school on One Tree Hill.

12. When the teens in The Vampire Diaries spend four hours every morning before school doing ~all the things.~

13. When Quinn randomly decided she wanted her baby back in Glee.

14. When the gang in Zoey 101 misses the bus for the beach trip but finds another way to get there...but none of the teachers notice.

Zoey 101 gang at the beach

15. When deaths and scandals ran rampant in The O.C.

16. When they thought they could cash in $4 million with no one batting an eye in Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks crew on a boat

17. When Rory made obscure references to 1950s TV shows in Gilmore Girls.

Rory and Lorelei watching TV

18. When the teens didn't really sound like teens in Dawson’s Creek.

19. When Glee pushed a lot of high school teen marriages for some reason.

20. When the teens in The Politician took the high school election way too seriously.

The Politician campaign crew

21. When Lana Lang (from Smallville) ran her own coffee shop business when she was 16.

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity