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21 People Who Got The Female Anatomy Very, Very Wrong

"Instead of using pads or tampons, why don't you just sit on the toilet until all the blood flows out?"

1. The person who truly believed women's farts smell worse because they toot less:

2. And the person who was very, very misinformed about how sperm and eggs work:

TwinsisterWendy / Via

3. The person who was confused about how women pee:

4. And the person who severely misunderstood the nonexistent correlation between vaginas and thigh gaps:

5. The person who didn't have one single clue:

khodor2012 / Via

6. And the person who was accidentally misinformed about how long periods last:

badcentrifuge / / Via Twitter: @JulieMannell

7. The person who honestly thought pads were like double-sided tape:

8. And the person who thought women can just hold their periods in like holding in pee:

9. And also this person, who honestly believed women can control period blood:

boooooyouwhore / Via

10. The person who thought a can of black beans would solve all women's problems:

sara_mount / Via

11. And the person who believed the bladder is involved in controlling periods:

cocoloko55 / Via

12. This person whose intention was pure and good, but just very, very wrong:

13. And this person who was afraid of regurgitating their baby:

megaWatson / Via

14. This person who didn't quite understand that women have more than one hole:

15. And this person who believed twins are born because of super cum:

darkdreams28 / Via

16. This person who honestly believed women bleed every month because they're unhealthy:

CDG813 / Via

17. And this person who believed ejaculation and personality traits are one in the same:

fooled_you / / Via Twitter: @renoomokri

18. This person who got it so, so wrong:

je_suis_un_negre / Via

19. And this person who didn't understand how women's pleasure works:

20. This person who thought you don't bleed in water:

21. And finally, the person who was very, very misinformed about labor:

squiggleplop / Via

H/T r/badwomensanatomy

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