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14 Times Old People Were Funny As Fuck On Facebook

God bless the elderly.

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1. This father-in-law who is only trying to speak his mind.

2. Angelica, who is just looking for some help.

3. This grandma who honestly couldn't get it right.

4. This grandma whose voice commands just didn't translate.

5. This very thankful grandma.

6. Kathy, who is honestly fed up with Harambe.

7. Martha, whose polite request quickly turned into a commanding demand.

8. Terry, who explained his life story in the company box.

9. This grandmother who should honestly receive a medal for the best pet names.

10. Verla, who just wanted technology to make things simpler.

11. Jim, who only wanted to wish everyone a good afternoon.

12. Robb, who got the help he needed.

13. Joan, who just wants her goddamn banana bread recipe.

14. And finally, Jo Ann, who isn't here for your bullshit.

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