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This Woman Unintentionally Caused A Huge Debate On TikTok After She Decorated An Area Of Target

"In my mind, it was completely harmless."

A video by Kelsey Venkov sparked a huge debate on TikTok after she filmed herself sprucing up a corner of Target for style inspiration for shoppers.

You can watch the whole thing here:

The TikTok, which now has 2.4 million views, sparked a very divisive debate in the comments. Some commenters (including a few Target employees) thought Kelsey was creating more work for employees to clean up:

An example of the comments: 'Me working there and having to put all that stuff away'

Other commenters (which also included former Target employees) thought what Kelsey was doing was harmless:

Another example of the comments: 'i've worked retail and y'all are being way to soft [rolling eyes emoji] this cute and would brighten my day to see in my store. it's really not that big of a deal'

Kelsey left a comment on her video saying she was joking about the job:

Ok I just wanna say that I was just joking about the job [emoji laughing and crying]...I know they already have visual merchandising people but my store is never set up!

When BuzzFeed reached out for comment, Kelsey said, "In my mind, it was completely harmless, considering all of the items I used were in the same area that I was decorating. I didn’t feel like I was creating any extra work for employees. I would understand if I was grabbing things from different departments and making a mess, but I didn’t."

The rearranged chair with pillow that says 'Merry Christmas', a blanket in front, and a mini Christmas tree next to it

"I’ve been getting DMs saying how horrible of a person I am and tearing my character down, which I don’t think is fair. I think now more than ever we need to be more conscious of how we speak to one another and to give people the benefit of the doubt."

Side circle table with a large lamp, pine cones, and candles

In response to the viral video, Kelsey ended up going back to Target to see if her styling job had been taken down:

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