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    People Are Pranking Their S.O.'s By Telling Them To Order The "Pinkity Drinkity" At Starbucks And The Reactions Are So Funny

    "Hi, can I get a medium Pinkity Drinkity?"

    Today on TikTok, people have started a trend where they ask their significant others to order them a "Pinkity Drinkity" from Starbucks.

    You know this as the Pink Drink (a Strawberry Açaí Refreshers beverage with coconut milk). But these adorably clueless lovers fully believe that "Pinkity Drinkity" is the real name of a Starbucks beverage.

    Anyway, I've been sitting here laughing out loud while watching these videos. So if you need a moment of joy in your day, here are just a few of the best ones.

    I'm almost certain this is the girl who started it all, since it's the oldest TikTok I came across, and the expression on her S.O.'s face is priceless:

    I also did some digging and discovered that James Charles used "pinkity drinkity" in a video, so perhaps that's where it was coined.

    You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

    I love that this guy is *ALL CONFIDENCE* when placing that order:


    “For the lady” he didn’t want them to know it was for him 😂 ##jamescharles ##pinkitydrinkity ##afterwerkshenanigans

    ♬ original sound - katherinealberto9

    And then you have this barista who hopped in and was like, ~what a clever name~, while this guy was like, WAIT:


    I am DEAD got him twice in one night and he hates me now 😂😂🤣🤣 ##fyp ##pinkitydrinkity ##starbucks

    ♬ original sound - k_davi

    And this gullible guy who caught on just a little too late:

    I'm honestly so impressed that they can say it without bursting into laughter:

    Well, there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed this silly and pure content.