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    People Are Creating Their Own Version Of "Hey There Delilah" From Delilah's Point Of View And It's A Little Emotional

    "Hey it's Delilah don't you worry about the city. I play your music, close my eyes, and it's like you're right here with me."

    We all remember the smash hit "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's. You know, the one with the iconic opening that goes, "Hey there Deliah, what's it like in New York City?" A BOP.

    Well, the very talented TikTok user @kallistarowan started a trend where she rewrote the song from Delilah's point of view, and people loved it. This mega-viral video alone has more than 8 million views.


    something you’ve seen before but here’s hey Delilah from her pov (I wrote this) ##foryou ##fyp ##heytheredelilah ##acoustic ##UltraSmoothMoves

    ♬ original sound - kallistarowan

    This inspired other musicians on TikTok to create their own versions of the song, like this beautiful one @scarlett_music did:


    my sister’s name is delilah so this was funny. but hey there delilah from a different pov @officialplainwhitets ##heytheredelilah ##heytheredelilahpov

    ♬ original sound - scarlett_music

    They're just so soothing and tender, right?

    @Lolopopgurl also performed a pure and gentle rendition:


    I saw some people doing this so I decided to try writing my own version :) ##heytheredelilah from the girl’s perspective 🖤 ##heyitsdelilah ##singing

    ♬ hey its delilah - lolopopgurl

    And then there's this stellar performance by @kallistarowan that might just break your heart.

    There are tons more renditions of this masterpiece on TikTok, and they all prove that there is some EXCEPTIONAL talent out there!