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    17 McDonald Hacks We Found On TikTok That We're Really Excited About

    These are McMagical.

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    1. McFlurry lids attach to the top of McDonald's soda lids for easy-ish transport if you have a lot of drinks to carry:

    2. People on TikTok say that if you put about five creamers into a sweet tea from McDonald's, it tastes kinda like boba tea.


    Yes my ice fell. It’s good but it’s not the best #mcdonaldschallenge #viral #foryou #mcdonaldshack

    ♬ original sound - ogfam0usbri

    3. If you mix together Tropic Berry Sprite, lemonade, and a shot of raspberry, you get a very fancy berry lemonade.

    4. And we're not saying they're gonna make it for you — but there is a way to make McNachos.

    6. Add chicken strips and sour cream to your burger for a really special treat.

    7. Ask for some hot water, mix in two packets of chocolate sauce, and voila! Free hot chocolate.

    8. Making a float is WAY easier than you think.


    ok but why is this so GASSSS!! mcdonald’s sweet tea with ice cream instead of creamer #sweettea #fyp #CleanFreshHype #mcdonalds

    ♬ SIX'FO - ZaeHD & CEO

    9. Buffalo french fries are right around the corner with this mixing technique.

    10. Why have only a burger or only a chicken sandwich when you can have both?

    11. If you're having a hankering for a guava smoothie or a Neapolitan shake, just follow these instructions.

    12. If you ask for fries without salt, you'll get a batch of fresh fries!

    13. Leftover McDonald's fries don't have to be cold and useless the next day.


    How to use cold #mcdonalds fries. Turned out awesome. If this gets 10k, I’ll post the exact recipe:heart:

    ♬ original sound - yassqueenanna

    14. If you want a quick and easy way to carry your food around while you're on the go, this is a useful hack.

    15. If you're looking for a delicious pick-me-up, here's the key to making an espresso sundae.

    16. Mix 75% Sprite with 25% Nestea for a foamy top layer that apparently tastes like ice cream.

    17. And finally — honestly kinda mad we didn't think of this first — the best way to make an ice cream cookie sandwich!