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    Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies Have People Believing They're Experiencing The Mandela Effect

    LINE OR NO LINE??????

    Let's jump right in, shall we? User @ansleight on TikTok uploaded an interesting video, sharing that she was going crazy because she remembered Cosmic Brownies by Little Debbie having a line down the middle.

    @ansleight / Via

    I, too, remember this delicious snack having a line down the middle so you could break it into two pieces.

    Here's the full TikTok she uploaded where I began to question EVERYTHING from my childhood. Was this the Mandela Effect?!

    I also realized everyone in the comments thought the same exact thing.

    But when she zoomed in on the box, you clearly see that there is NO LINE.

    @ansleight / Via

    Um...what on earth?!


    So, my friends, I did a little digging and found this image. As you can see, THERE IS STILL NO LINE!!!!!

    And then I found THIS. Exhibit B:

    So, apparently, this isn't the Mandela Effect but an intentional choice Little Debbie made when manufacturing their "Big Pack," which is exactly the same as the original with the EXCEPTION of the line. I have no idea if the brownies are actually bigger or if withholding the line makes you THINK they're bigger, but there you have it.

    Mystery solved!!!!!