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This Couple Have An Incredibly Magical "Harry Potter" Wand Collection

It's just so magical.

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Tiffany first said on her Facebook page that — to the best of her knowledge — she is the first person in the United States and the second person in the world (other than Universal Studios Florida and London) to own all of them.


"My husband bought me my first wand for Christmas in 2013," Tiffany told BuzzFeed. "And then last year for our anniversary he was away for training and had the Elder Wand shipped to me."

Tiffany Nicole / Via Facebook: profile.php

"All of a sudden we both just started buying a wand here and there, and then one night we sat down and wrote all of the wands down that you could possibly buy and made a diagram for how we were going to display them."

In total, the couple own 65 wands. The collection (including the DIY displays they made) is worth around $4,000.

Tiffany Nicole / Via Facebook: profile.php

"The Harry Potter series is so inspiring," Nicole says. "It hasn't only made an impact on our lives, but now we get to see the love for it grow with our children. Obviously it's an amazing story, but it's more than that to us."


As megafans, Tiffany and her husband have already begun planning their first trip to Universal Studios Florida for spring of next year.