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8 Things You Should Never Do At Stores Right Now, And 8 Things You Should Do


1. Don't go to stores when you are clearly ill:

A customer just came in here coughing up a storm and didn’t cover his mouth once!! I hate it here!!

2. DO show kindness:

A customer came in work today to give us these cakes she'd baked for us as a thank you for all our hard work and I could honestly cry😭😭😭😭 so many rude and angry customers but this one act of kindness has restored my faith in humanity♥️

3. Don't get out of the house just "because you want to":

I always have customers come in claiming they only came in because they were bored and needed an excuse to get out. Stop. Go home. Don’t be a part of the problem.

4. DO show your appreciation:

a customer just came in and thanked me for working and still being happy despite the current situation and when i tell you i nearly cried after the amount of abuse i’ve had hurled at me the last few days

5. Don't get close to service workers if you're unwell:

a customer coughed into the open air twice near me right after saying he was at the hospital yesterday

6. DO tip well for the service you're receiving:

A customer came in & gave all the employees $100 bills for working today 🥺 I love my job

7. Don't take your negativity out on employees:

I had 8 minutes left of my shift, when a lady came in and cussed me out so badly over our strawberry shortage, that I full blown cried in front of my staff & the other customers. And now I’ll be receiving my first complaint. Fucking FUCK. 😭

8. DO give extra supplies if you happen to have any:

A customer came in today and brought all of the working staff masks. 😭 bless your heart.

9. Don't complain about the change in store hours:

a customer came in and complained that: we're only serving white/wheat/flatbread for now, our hours changed 11-7, and that our "prime minister put us on lockdown"

10. DO share a little generosity with service employees if you are able to:

One of the customer on my route came out to give me this👇A kind gesture goes a long way he really made feel appreciated in what I do #thankful

11. Don't be threatening toward service workers:

So my sister works at HEB and today she got called a bitch and got threatened that she was going to lose her job because she politely told a customer that there was a limit on certain items due to this pandemic. I don’t get why people need to be assholes during this whole thing ?

12. DO pay it forward:

Asked a customer I was serving this morning where he got his coffee because nowhere in the village is open & he said castleknock he just came back to me with four coffees & said I was passing the coffee shop said I’d look after you too emotional for this I want to cry how cute

13. Don't go anywhere — LITERALLY ANYWHERE — if you or those around you have tested positive:

I work at a car shop, a customer came in with his wife’s car to get serviced. He openly admitted that his wife tested positive for Corona and he should be prob be in quarante as well but still going about his days. Literally what is wrong with people

14. DO share something good:

So a customer came in with her daughter today and said “my little girl has just told me you’re her favourite checkout girl” and I cried. I actually stood there and teared up. We get so much negativity right now and that act of kindness made my day 🥺

15. Don't touch anything unless you plan on buying it:

a customer came in and started to pick up a tester me: hi mam im so sorry we have a no touch policy due to the - customer: *slams down tester, sighs loudly and walks away* customer walks back up and says: well then why are you even open me: we have be open to get paid 😇

16. Finally, DO let service workers know that they are doing a great job:

A regular of ours, an older customer, just came in to pick up his order. Just before he was about to leave, he turned back, clearly moved: "Thank you for being here today and for being cheerful. You don't know how many people need that right now." Not a dry eye in the shop