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    19 Weirdly Intriguing Tidbits You Should Know About Iceland

    Get ready to get naked before going in the Blue Lagoon.

    Iceland has been named one of the top travel destinations of 2017, but there are a few important things you'll wanna know before hopping over there.

    1. It'll smell like rotten eggs when you shower — but it's actually a good thing.

    2. It's completely safe to drink the cold tap water — and it WON'T smell.

    3. You're gonna have to get naked before entering the infamous Blue Lagoon.

    4. Your hair will feel SUPER stiff and damaged if you decide to get it wet in the lagoon — but there are ways of preventing this.

    5. You won't find any Starbucks cafés in Iceland.

    6. There also aren't any McDonald's locations.

    7. Iceland is also famous for its hot dogs — which are made from lamb.

    8. You can pay for nearly everything by credit card, so don't worry about exchanging your money for krónas.

    9. With that said, 1,500 krónas does NOT translate to 1,500 dollars. It's roughly $14.

    10. Yes, there is a penis museum in Iceland.

    The Icelandic Phallological Museum is in Reykjavík and is home to the biggest display of penis parts.

    11. You can drive around the whole country in about a week.

    12. Iceland is English-friendly, and many locals are happy to help you out with any Icelandic pronunciation you're having trouble with.

    13. Eating whale meat is more of a touristy thing now rather than a traditional experience.

    14. If you plan on getting close to waterfalls — especially on a tour — it's a good idea to bring a pair of waterproof pants or a change of clothes.

    15. You have the best chance of seeing the northern lights if you travel outside a major city to an area with very little light pollution.

    16. You can also use the Aurora app as well as this website to learn about viewing conditions in your area.

    On the website, the white represents clear skies while the green represents clouds (it feels like it should be the opposite) so you can see if you have a shot at glimpsing nature's magical light show.

    17. Yes, the food can be expensive, but be prepared for the drinks to be even pricier.

    18. Justin Bieber's "I'll Show You" music video was shot in Iceland, and you can actually visit all the beautiful locations.

    19. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the WORLD, and that's pretty rad.