13 Magical Facts You Didn't Know About The "Harry Potter" Films

    As told by Chris Rankin, aka Percy Weasley.

    Last weekend, BuzzFeed visited Leviosa, a Harry Potter con in Las Vegas, where Chris Rankin answered fans' biggest questions from the movies. Here are some things from the series you may not have known:

    1. One of the biggest struggles was acting with things that weren't really there, like the ghosts. In fact, for those scenes, they’d have a tennis ball on a string so the actors would have a reference point — mostly so they wouldn't just have actors looking at a blank wall and saying their lines.

    2. Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) improvised the "What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?" line, and Rankin recalls it was always hilarious.

    3. When asked if Rankin took anything from the set after the movies were complete, he said he'd taken Percy's jumper.

    4. In some of the longer scenes in Deathly Hallows Part II, Rankin says, if you look closely, you can see them fighting Death Eaters with disco moves.

    5. The owl who played Errol took a disliking to Rankin's finger in the scene at the Burrow when Percy goes to retrieve the letter.

    6. Rankin was asked to help audition the actresses for Penelope Clearwater.

    7. By the time they were shooting the second movie, the actors were escorted everywhere by security because of how many fans would show up to filming locations.

    8. Before Rankin came into the picture, he says *ALLEGEDLY* they'd already cast Sean Biggerstaff (aka Oliver Wood) as Percy.

    9. Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall) has had the same body double for many years.

    10. Rankin didn't do very well on his A-levels while filming Harry Potter.

    11. In the first film, Rankin had about three minutes of scenes with Peeves that never made it to the movie.

    12. Rankin also shared Michael Gambon kept cigarettes in his Dumbledore costume on set.

    13. Finally, Rankin is well aware that if he had died instead of Fred, no one would have cared too much.