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    19 Things That Happen When Your Cousin Is Also Your Best Friend

    "Nah we're not sisters, we're cousins."

    1. People tell you ALL THE TIME how much you guys look alike.

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    And you secretly love it.

    2. In fact, you'll sometimes dress alike without even meaning to.

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    3. You grew up doing EVERYTHING together.

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    4. You basically have no boundaries when it comes to being honest with each other...


    5. ...which means you sometimes fight like sisters...


    6. ...and intentionally embarrass each other just for fun.


    7. But you're practically inseparable during family gatherings.

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    8. And you know you can count on them in desperate times.

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    9. Your closets are filled with each other's clothes from years and years of hanging out.

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    10. And family vacations are basically just an excuse to spend every waking moment together.

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    11. You love going through old photos at grandma's house and laughing about how much fun you used to have.

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    12. And you never have to worry about choosing a friend for your maid of honor, because you know your cousin is your first pick.

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    13. You've complained about your parents to each other because you understand your family's drama.

    14. And you *always* feel connected to them even when you're not together because you constantly leave things at each other's houses.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    15. And because you're close in age, your parents are constantly comparing you two.

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    16. You feel a sense of ~sisterly~ pride when they slay at a sports event.

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    17. And if you went to the same school, you'd pressure each other into sharing homework answers.

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    18. They're your go-to text when you're indecisive in the dressing room because you KNOW they'll always be honest with you.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    Even if it's brutal honesty.

    19. And even though you're cousins, you'll never stop being sisters at heart.

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