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    17 Things That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Worked A Phone-A-Thon


    1. You felt like you totally *scored* since the phone-a-thon was one of the higher paying jobs on campus.

    Flickr: pennstatelive / Creative Commons

    2. But then you realized you had to convince alums to donate money when most of them were swimming in loans...

    3. ...and they weren't ever afraid to tell you so.

    4. In fact, you were subjected to tons of unique conversations.

    5. You quickly learned how to multitask dialing + homework on slow nights.

    6. And you were 100% there for winning pledge prizes โ€” especially the FOOD GIFT CARDS.

    7. Your telefund office was always brightly decorated to keep morale high.

    Flickr: pennstatelive \ Creative Commons

    8. And you appreciated the fun games your supervisors put on to keep you goal-oriented.

    9. You were secretly PROUD AF when you were named caller of the week.

    10. But you did do your fair share of butchering people's names.

    11. And you always had to bite your tongue when a questionable name appeared.

    12. You'd pray your next caller wasn't chatty so you could go on break sooner.


    13. And you were ELATED when you got to ring the pledge bell after someone donated.

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    14. Although some days alums were soul-crushingly mean...


    15. ...other days you realized exactly why you love working for the phone-a-thon.

    16. Most importantly, you'll never forget the friends you made during your telefund experience...

    17. ...because it definitely made college that much more special.

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