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24 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To Montessori School

♫ Tell me the continents, tell me the continents! ♫

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1. Wasting time in practical living when you didn't want to do real schoolwork.

3. Chanting this mantra before lunch: "Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat."

4. Walking EVERYWHERE, single file, "on the line."

6. So. Many. Jars. Of. Colored. Water.

And pouring them back and forth.

8. ...and eventually graduating to drawing them in a box of rice with your finger.

9. Two words: BOB BOOKS.

Also featuring Dot and Mag the dog.

11. ...and eventually making your own continents poster.

12. Transferring dried beans back and forth to learn measurements.

Also attempting to eat the beans, which you quickly discovered were NASTAY.


14. ...and learning place value with these colorful beads.

15. Always sitting in a circle on the ground.

Criss-cross apple sauce.

16. Never having to worry about tests, grades, or homework.

Because those things didn't actually exist.


17. Taking a nap whenever you damn well pleased.

Nap hour? More like NAP WHENEVAH I WANT.

18. Distinctly rolling your nap mat with the roll/smooth technique.


19. "Dressing frames" that taught you how to tie, button, and snap.

22. Gettin' handsy with real world organization techniques.

23. Birthday celebrations that looked a lot like this.

Because birthdays were the best way to also learn about planetary revolution.

24. And developing your first (and best) friendships during recess.