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17 Nostalgic Pictures That'll Make All Emo Kids Say "I Totally Did That, Too!"

Your iPod was life.

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1. You would beg your parents for a ride to Virgin Megastore the DAY a new album came out from your favorite band.

eggygm / Via

2. And you completed your ~look~ by always having a perfect side-swept bang covering part of your face.

dmitrytattoo / Via

3. You were always crossing your fingers that an AMAZING tour would roll through your city so you could mosh to your favorite songs.

dustycanadian / Via

4. And you constantly updated your AIM buddy profile with undiscovered band lyrics because you secretly knew it made you seem cool.

moodyje2 / Via

5. Of course, you had to also customize your Myspace profile to make sure it captured your completely emo aesthetic.

b0bfaget / Via

6. And you internally screamed with joy every time you logged in to see THIS.

letsgolythgoe / Via

7. You owned at LEAST one studded belt to show off how edgy you were.

mashinito / Via

8. And there's a good chance you dyed part of your hair a vibrant color.

elcore_ / Via

9. But if you didn't, then you probably teased the HELL out of it and covered that baby in hairspray.

okaylanka / Via

10. In fact, you were a PRO at snapping pics where your hair was the main attraction and your face was left overexposed.

l_a_rundtom / Via

11. And you definitely had pictures with your BFF wearing oversized sunglasses and rocking the side bangs.

chellybeanthebeautyqueen / Via

12. You had My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At The Disco on your iPod mini, which was WAY superior to your Discman.

camiih / Via

13. And you proudly promoted your favorite artists on your backpacks, purses, or jean jackets by wearing their patches you bought from Hot Topic.

craycray408 / Via

14. You loved making collages with cool fonts, colors, and images that really captured how uNiQuE you were.

jennieguns / Via

15. You used Sharpie to draw on your hands — and also on your Converse High Tops.

slayzsha / Via

16. When you saw one of your favorite bands play, you rushed to their meet and greet right afterward to snap a photo with them.

foulnesss / Via

17. And finally, no car ride was truly worth it if you didn't have a mixed CD full of your favorite emo songs to jam out to.

wonderless_mermaid / Via

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