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17 Things Every Teen Did At Warped Tour In 2006

"Find me on Myspace!"

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1. You'd triple check to make sure you had your ticket handy since you couldn't load a copy on your flip phone.

joey_lanza / Via

2. In preparation for the BIG EVENT, you'd straighten the FUCK out of your hair and slap on your studded belt because you were ~super~ punk rock.

lindzriot / Via

3. Or you'd have the emo shag cut going on since it was rad as hell.

Creative Commons / Flickr: jag1

4. You'd also rock dozens of leather and rubber bracelets because they were cool AF.

Creative Commons / Flickr: brandejackson

5. And because Myspace was still very popular, you would feel OBLIGATED to provide a tip when wandering through the booths.

Creative Commons / Flickr: sdonato

6. This little guy was your BFF, especially when you began lining up for signing times.

7. And you took dozens of awkwardly angled pictures over the table with your favorite bands.

joekinkead66 / Via

8. And if you were really lucky, you'd have them sign your T-shirt, which you would then wear to school the next day.

amandacaliber / Via

9. When it got *really* sunny in the afternoon, you'd rock the shit out of your white-framed shades.

Creative Commons / Flickr: brandejackson
Provided by Farrah Penn

10. And when it was time to head to the stages to see your favorite band, you remember seeing Cingular Wireless advertised on ALL the banners (RIP).

Creative Commons / Flickr: mattkleinschmidt

11. You totally rocked out to Paramore BEFORE she was on the main stage, because Hayley Williams was your emo icon.

Creative Commons / Flickr: ashley_r

12. And you distinctly recall William Beckett's ~gorgeous~ flowing locks as he sang your favorite The Academy Is... song.

13. Sometimes you'd find a new band you hadn't listened to, and when you saw BAE singing you knew you had to take drastic measures...

Creative Commons / Flickr: portway-ave

14. you'd crowd surf your way up to the VERY front of the stage...

Creative Commons / Flickr: dylanh777

15. ...with the FULL intention of giving him your Myspace URL, but in reality it was nearly impossible to get within arm's reach.

Oh well.
bornvillain603 / Via

Oh well.

16. After you saw all the main stage bands, you HAD to run to their booths to snap a pic and *memorialize* the moment.

Creative Commons / Flickr: echolalia86

17. And at the end of the day you were sweaty, sunburned, and freaking EXHAUSTED, but you would 110% do it all over again next year.

Creative Commons / Flickr: sdonato

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