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    19 Things All '90s Kids Did Out Of Boredom

    Minesweeper, obviously.

    1. You spent too much time doodling around on Microsoft Paint.

    2. And you remember playing handheld string games, like Cat's Cradle.

    3. You spent hours entertaining yourself by throwing sticky men on windows and seeing how long they could hold on.

    4. You also thoroughly chose your solitaire card design before playing many rounds.

    5. And one of your favorite computer games to play when you were bored was 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

    6. Or Minesweeper.

    7. You'd spend HOURS playing Mario Kart on your N64 until your mom told you to go outside.

    8. If your friends couldn't come over to play, you'd make up imaginary games with all your Beanie Babies.

    9. And you'd flawlessly create an epic collage of your favorite magazine photos.

    10. You'd tediously create the perfect masterpiece with those colorful iron-on beads.

    11. And you'd pull out your handy Rose Art kit when you were feeling like Picasso.

    12. You'd learn the sickest dance moves to all your favorite '90s jams — including Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Britney Spears.

    13. And you'd build castles and trenches in your covered sand pit.

    14. You'd spend hours building a whole entire Lego world, only to tear it down the next day and start over.

    15. If you were feeling especially motivated, you'd put together your very own lemonade stand.

    16. Or you'd get your creativity out by making up stories in your handy notebook.

    17. And if you couldn't be bothered to go outside, you'd flip through the latest Delia's catalog.

    18. If you were REALLY lucky, you could connect to dial-up and chat on AIM with all your friends.

    19. And finally, you'd entertain yourself by decorating your lunchbox, your folders, your notebooks — ANYTHING — in Lisa Frank stickers.