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These Extremely Condensed Versions Of Famous Books Are Hilarious And Enlightening

This cartoonist is nailing it.

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An Ottawa-based graphic designer, John Atkinson, is giving all book lovers a chuckle with his condensed literary classic cartoons, which include abbreviations of famous works of literature.

BuzzFeed talked to Atkinson, who said, "I did the original three abridged classics cartoons a while back. I was thinking about how, in an online world, we consume information. In the past, we would spend hours/days/weeks reading great literature, but now we have a need to digest everything in small viral bits."

"I would hope that people find these funny — or at least pithy," Atkinson said. "I'd also hope they might encourage some to revisit, re-read, or discover for the first time some of these great works of literature."