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    This Artist Is Making Pies Based On Celebrities And You Need To See Them


    An exceptionally talented pie artist named Jessica has been gracing the internet with her celebrity-inspired pies, and it will actually make your mouth both drop and water.

    According to Food and Wine, Jessica creates her design on a computer first before handcrafting the remarkably similar image on top of a pie.

    And if you want to make a celebrity request, you're in luck, because Jessica takes recommendations from the comments of her Instagram, The Pieous, to make these handcrafted pies.

    Would you like a Notorious P.I.E.? DONE.

    Or perhaps you'd like to see The Red Queen as a delicious pie? DONE.

    Or MAYBE you want an out-of-this-world Lando Calrissian pie? DONE AND DONE.

    Jessica's pies look too beautiful to eat but to be honest, we'd eat them anyway!