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    Upon Closer Inspection, You Will See That These 15 Things Are Not, In Fact, Butts

    Hehe. (I'm sorry.)

    1. It's not a butt! 

    2. It's also not a butt! 

    3. Oh no no no, that is not a butt in disguise. 

    4. It's not a tiny butt.

    5. It's not a plump butt.

    6. Do you get it now? It's not a butt. 

    7. No way! You know that's not a butt! 

    8. It certainly is not a butt in disguise. 

    9. Heheh. It's not a butt. 

    10. No sirree! Not a butt! 

    11. Nothing tush-related over here!

    12. You're getting it now! It's not a butt. 

    13. No hiney hiding out around here. 

    14. Oh no, sorry, it's also not a butt. 

    15. And finally, that is — oh. That is not a penguin.