Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Is The New Trend For Thanksgiving Dinner, Apparently

    Bring a lil' ~flame~ to your Thanksgiving dinner.

    Have you ever looked at your Thanksgiving turkey and thought, "You know what? To hell with tradition! I want something DIFFERENT, damnit!"?

    Or maybe you've thought, "You know what this turkey needs? SOME HOT CHEETOS, THAT'S WHAT."

    Well, I have some good news, my friends. In the year of our Lord 2017, you can now cook your turkey with this Hot Cheetos recipe from Reynolds to wow* your family and friends.

    Tender? Juicy? Flamin' Hot? YES.

    There's also a recipe for a Cooler Ranch turkey, if that's more your jam.

    So go forth and enjoy this incredible gift of Hot Cheetos and turkey that has been generously bestowed upon us.