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    Some Of The “Scrubs” Gang Reunited Last Night And It Was Truly Nostalgic


    We all know Scrubs as one of the greatest medical sitcoms on television — as well as one of the greatest ~bromances~ on television to date.


    Well, get ready to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS, because there was a mini Scrubs reunion last night!


    Sarah Clarke, who played Dr. Elliot Reid, tweeted that the gang was back together for a ~steak night~ — AND JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL, EVERLASTING FRIENDSHIP.

    Zach Braff, who played the infamous Dr. "J.D." Dorian, tweeted another picture simply captioning it, "Eagle."


    Bill Lawrence — the legend who created it all — was very sad that he couldn't attend, however.

    Furious I could not attend this. @zachbraff @donald_faison @sarahchalke

    Twitter had a LOT of nostalgic feelings about the reunion, to be honest:

    It's good to see that even seven years later, ~steak nights~ are still VERY MUCH a thing!