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16 Of The Most Underappreciated Moments In The "Harry Potter" Series

“When Hermione figures out the potion riddle in the Sorcerer's Stone.”

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This year, BuzzFeed visited Leviosa — a Harry Potter convention in Las Vegas — where we asked the biggest fans what moments they considered under-appreciated in the series. Here's what they said:

2. In the first book where the troll is in the bathroom with Hermione.

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"That’s the moment they all become friends. After that tough situation, they all bond together and remain friends until the end. I think that’s under appreciated and very special.”

— Aneke


4. Hermione's S.P.E.W movement.

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"The books kind of dropped the struggle Hermione was advocating for with the house elf movement (S.P.E.W.) and I wish we could have experienced more.”

— Erika

6. When Slughorn told Harry about his gift from Lily.

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“This was in the movies, I think, but when Slughorn was telling Harry about how his mother had given him a bowl of water with a petal from a lily, which turned into a fish. And one day he noticed the fish had disappeared, but that’s when he knew Lily had died.”

— Axie

7. All of J.K. Rowling's foreshadowing.

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“J.K. Rowling foreshadowing things throughout the series, like the vanishing cabinet. It first shows up when Peeves breaks it, but that small detail comes back into a bigger one later on.”

— Erin


10. Kreacher.

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"His attitude toward Harry and Hermione completely changes when he decides to help them. He stops calling Hermione 'mudblood' and is respectful to Harry and his friends.”

— Yasmin

11. Neville.

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"As a character in the last book, he was key to the resistance at Hogwarts. He never gave up hope, even though his friends had disappeared. He was courageous and continued fighting for good even though he had no idea where they were.”

— Nina


14. Sirius Black's story.

"He’s been to Azkaban and struggled with the death of his closest friends and yet with all his issues he persevered to find and help Harry. I don’t think we appreciate that as much as we should.”

— Megan

15. Harry's closet bedroom.

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“When Harry literally lives in the closet under the stairs. I’m a teacher and have seen children go through very tough and difficult situations, and that always stuck with me.”

— Mary K.