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Here Are The Most Popular Foods In Each State, According To People Who Actually Live There

What's yours?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which food their state is well-known for, and here are all the delicious responses!

1. Alabama: Shrimp and grits.

farmandcoastcookery / Via

2. Alaska: Ice cream.

Janifest / Getty Images

"I was born in and grew up in Alaska. At one point, we consumed more ice cream per capita than any other state. We don't know why. We just really love ice cream."


3. Arizona: Sonoran hot dogs.


4. Arkansas: Queso.

atxfoodchronicles / Via

"Every Mexican restaurant serves it. Everybody eats it. It is life."


5. California: Avocado.

Alexpro9500 / Getty Images

"As a Californian, I’d have to say we’re probably most known for avocados, and the stereotypically millennial avocado toast. What, it’s good!"


Runner-up: "In California, we can’t live without In-N-Out."


6. Colorado: Breakfast burritos.

ohyeahgourmet / Via

Runner-up: "Green chile and the original Chipotle."


7. Connecticut: Lobster rolls.

cy_eats / Via

"They were actually invented here! They first came about at Perry's restaurant in Milford, Connecticut, in 1929!"


8. Delaware: Scrapple.

authorsherrygore / Via

9. Florida: Cuban sandwiches.

lucysamericantavern / Via

10. Georgia: Chicken biscuits.

devouringjax / Via

11. Hawaii: Poke.

a_a_ronfitness / Via

Runner-up: Spam musubi.


12. Idaho: Finger steaks.

jcstrutz / Via

13. Illinois: Deep-dish pizza.

eatitforthegram / Via

"I’m from Illinois, and we are known for our Chicago deep dish pizza. It’s iconic, and so, so, so good. You cannot come here and not get it"


Runner-up: "Horseshoes in Illinois. It's toast with a beef patty (or any other type of meat, really), french fries, and melted cheese open face sandwich. I've never been to a diner that doesn't serve them."


14. Indiana: Pork tenderloin sandwiches.

mainstreetdeli300 / Via


Runner-up: "Corn and popcorn."


15. Iowa: Sweet corn.

thenelsongrocer / Via


16. Kansas: Bierocks.

FYI: Bierocks are rolls typically filled with ground beef, onion, and cabbage.

"Bierocks are extremely popular here and are even served at school lunches." —catsienna03

17. Kentucky: The Hot Brown.

gluckmanmichael / Via

FYI: A Hot Brown is a hot, open-faced sandwich with turkey, bacon, Mornay sauce that's broiled until crispy and brown.


18. Louisiana: Gumbo.

brqrestaurant / Via

19. Maine: Lobster.

johnnydelmonicos / Via

Runner-up: Whoopie pies.


20. Maryland: Blue crabs.

mollipletcher / Via

"Almost everyone around here knows how to crack a crab."


21. Massachusetts: Clam chowder.

_tjkim__ / Via


Runner-up: "Boston cream pie and fluffernutter sandwiches."


22. Michigan: Coney dogs.

thesussmans / Via

FYI: Coney dogs are traditionally topped with chili topping.


23. Minnesota: Jucy Lucy.

ketchmaybeef / Via

FYI: A Jucy Lucy is a type of hamburger made with the cheese cooked inside the meat instead of on top of it.


24. Mississippi: Catfish.

Peredniankina / Getty Images

25. Missouri: Toasted ravioli.

missy_k76 / Via

26. Montana: Huckleberries.

rmef_official / Via

27. Nebraska: Runza.

foodieonfleek / Via

FYI: Runzas are similar to a bierock, filled with beef, cabbage onions, and sauerkraut with seasonings. It's also a fast-food restaurant.


28. Nevada: The Awful-Awful.

michelle.puffer / Via

Note: All the submissions for Nevada were sarcastic (I know y'all don't eat CIGARETTE BUTTS). But according to the Food Network, the Awful-Awful is a popular treat!

29. New Hampshire: Cider donuts.

fishkillfarms / Via

Note: No one submitted anything for poor New Hampshire, but our coworker who's from there is here to assure us that cider donuts are a staple.

30. New Jersey: Pork rolls.

steveb8523 / Via

FYI: Also called Taylor ham, this sandwich is made of up pork and cheese.


31. New Mexico: Green chile.

kikily.cooks / Via

"Hatch, to be specific, but Bueno is good too. We put it on everything: burritos, eggs, pizza, burgers, and we have green chile chicken enchiladas, green chile stew — hell, it's even on our license plates! It originated in New Mexico, comes from New Mexico, and is a staple New Mexico food. We take great pride in it and love it!"


32. New York: Bagels.

saturdaybagels / Via

"I'm New York born and raised and nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the bagels from New York. Every trip to visit family usually involves bringing back a few dozen bagels."


Runner-up: Pizza, of course.


33. North Carolina: Pulled pork barbecue.

mariceltavares / Via

34. North Dakota: Lefse.

ahlunden / Via

FYI: Lefse is traditionally a Norweigen flatbread made from potatoes, flour, butter, and cream.


35. Ohio: Skyline chili.

sharlyn_lauby / Via

36. Oklahoma: Fried okra.

ncfoodfinds / Via

37. Oregon: Voodoo Donuts.

poodle_lynn / Via

"Oregon is most famous for our donuts! Voodoo Donuts kills the game with their yummy yet creative donuts!"


38. Pennsylvania: Cheesesteaks.

jackiectam / Via

Runner-up: Perogies.


39. Rhode Island: Coffee milk.

foodienewbie / Via

FYI: Coffee milk is a combination of milk and sweet coffee syrup.


40. South Carolina: Chicken bog.

jnburnett15 / Via

"It’s just rice that’s cooked a certain way, chicken, and sausage. You have to cook the chicken in a huge thing of chicken stock, take it out and shred it, cook the rice in the leftover stock, and then you add in the cooked sausage and put it all together. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!"


41. South Dakota: Chislic.

larkfaun / Via

FYI: Chislic is cubed, red meat typically salted and fried.


42. Tennessee: Hot chicken.

bothrops1 / Via

"Just don't ask anyone which hot chicken place is their favorite, unless you want to start a debate/argument!"


43. Texas: Barbecue.

cbwood1010 / Via

"In Texas, barbecue will ALWAYS be number one. Brisket is my go to."


44. Utah: Funeral potatoes.

tastewithgrace / Via

"They’re basically grated potatoes with cheese and sour cream and butter and yummy goodness! They're called funeral potatoes because they’re usually saved just for funerals."


Runner-up: Fry sauce.


45. Vermont: Maple syrup.

canipeek / Via


46. Virginia: Ham.

Spencersternberg / Getty Images

47. Washington: Salmon.

Getty Images


48. West Virginia: Pepperoni roll.

cookscountry / Via

"No one outside of West Virginia knows what a pepperoni roll is, it's weird! They’re so popular here. When it’s pepperoni roll day for school lunch, our teachers line us up and let us out early because it’s literally a stampede."


49. Wisconsin: Fried cheese curds.

chicagofoodiesisters / Via

50. Wyoming: Soda bread.

squarepolarbear / Via

Note: Nobody submitted anything for poor Wyoming, but according to the Food Network, soda bread is one of their food staples.

51. Washington, DC: Mambo sauce.

curlygirlqui / Via

FYI: Mambo sauce is sweet, tangy, and similar to barbecue sauce.


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