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Every State Is Known For Having A Dessert Staple — Here's Yours

Every state has SOMETHING to claim!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what dessert their state was known for, and the locals didn't disappoint with sharing their delicious results!

1. Alabama: Fried peach pies.

2. Alaska: Ice cream.

3. Arizona: Eegees.

4. Arkansas: Possum pie.

5. California: Boysenberry pie.

6. Colorado: Peach pie.

7. Connecticut: Carvel ice cream.

8. Delaware: Strawberry pretzel salad.

9. Florida: Key lime pie.

10. Georgia: Peach cobbler.

11. Hawaii: Haupia.

12. Idaho: Potato ice cream.

13. Illinois: Frozen custard.

14. Indiana: Hoosier pie.

15. Iowa: Scotcharoos.

16. Kansas: Peppernuts.

17. Kentucky: Derby pie.

18. Louisiana: Beignets.

19. Maine: Whoopie pies.

20. Maryland: Smith Island cake.

21. Massachusetts: Boston cream pie.

22. Michigan: Bumpy cake.

23. Minnesota: Lemon bars.

24. Mississippi: Mud pie.

25. Missouri: Gooey butter cake.

26. Montana: Huckleberry pie.

27. Nebraska: Tin roof sundae.

28. Nevada: Basque cake.

29. New Hampshire: Apple cider donuts.

30. New Jersey: Cannolis.

31. New Mexico: Sopapillas.

32. New York: Cheesecake.

33. North Carolina: Sweet potato pie.

34. North Dakota: Caramel rolls.

35. Ohio: Buckeyes.

36. Oklahoma: Fried pies.

37. Oregon: Marionberry pie.

38. Pennsylvania: Shoofly pies.

39. Rhode Island: Zeppoles.

40. South Carolina: Chess pie.

41. South Dakota: Kuchen.

42. Tennessee: Moon pies.

43. Texas: Texas sheet cake.

44. Utah: Green Jell-O.

45. Vermont: Maple creemee.

46. Virginia: Pecan pie.

47. Washington: Apple pie.

48. West Virginia: Molasses cookies.

49. Wisconsin: Custard.

50. Wyoming: Huckleberry ice cream.

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.