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    18 Times People On Amazon Were Hilarious About Leaving Reviews

    Some people write reviews, others write legacies.

    1. This review for shorts that is hilariously embarassing:

    2. This guy who thought he was going to have the time of his life until it took an unfortunate turn:

    3. This gentleman who gave this cap the most wholesome review:

    4. This very good reply to a question about shipping:

    5. This 10/10 casket review:

    6. This funny review for a robotic vacuum who did not want to cooperate:

    7. This person who was not satisfied with this long-lasting dog bone:

    8. This A+ review for a gallon of lube:

    9. This *chef's kiss* review for only half of a keyboard:

    10. This bulk condom review that came with a life lesson:

    11. Rico, who just wanted some goddamn personal space:

    12. This lube review that really took a turn:

    13. This very confused customer:

    14. This incredible review for a Power Ranger costume:

    15. This aunt who would rather listen to a yodeling pickle:

    16. Laird, who did not get what he ordered:

    17. These hilariously snarky reviewers:

    18. And finally, this pretty epic review: