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18 A+ Texts From Parents Who Are Honestly Trying Their Hardest

Technology isn't easy.

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1. This mother, who was just trying to send a hip bitmoji.

2. This grandma, who was really happy to learn something new.

3. This mother, who has questions.

4. This mom, who's discovered a fondness for emo culture.

5. This dad, who perhaps needed Google.

6. This mom, who just couldn't get it right.

7. This mum, who is REALLY SORRY.

8. This mother, who tried her best — bless her.

9. This mom, who is learning all about abbreviations.

10. Nanee, who will NOT be disrespected.

11. This mom, who quickly picked up the hip slang.

12. This grandma, who's starting to get the hang of it.

13. This mom, who is just fabulous.

14. This mother, who is very enthusiastic.

15. This grandma, who also has questions.

16. This dad, who has a really brilliant business idea.

17. This mother, who is craving yogurt with a comment on it.

18. And finally, Barbara, who put her best effort at spelling.

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