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17 Texts From Moms Who Are Just Too Pure And Good For This World

"I've been listening the crap out of The Black Eyed Peas."

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1. This mom, who was incredibly impressed by this "glass sculpture."

@aceofbabes / Instagram / Via

2. This mom, who just can't stop jamming to the Black Eyed Peas.

@itsmejordannicoleeee / Instagram / Via

3. This mom, who is having a very good day.

@astrokara / Instagram / Via

4. This mom, who has some life advice to pass on.

@dennamy / Instagram / Via

5. This mom, who loves emojis.

@davidjjfield / Instagram / Via

6. This mom, who gave up on voice text.

@sadpigs / Instagram / Via

7. This mom, who is having some trouble.

benken71 / Reddit / Via

8. This mom, who has discovered the magic of gifs.

@ericnieves_oe / Instagram / Via

9. This mom, who is a sneaky little prankster.

@malkeee / Instagram / Via

10. This mom, who has a lot of feelings about House Hunters.

@ninabelle125 / Instagram / Via

11. This mom, who knows what she's talking about.

@honeypouf / Instagram / Via

12. This mom, who wanted to share her curiosity.

@drinkingonthejob / Instagram / Via

13. This mom, who had a lot of faith in the iPhone camera.

@sandiego_erin / Instagram / Via

14. This mom, who made an unfortunate typo.

@kristennicole516 / Instagram / Via

15. This mom, who delivered a sick burn.

@kelli_mcdermott07 / Instagram / Via

16. This mom, who's just trying to type.

@ptownkaia / Instagram / Via

17. And finally, this mom, who definitely meant something else.

@gossipgriii / Twitter / Via Twitter: @gossipgriii

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