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17 Text Messages People Who Don't Have A Sister Won't Understand


We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what's something you'll only understand if you have a sister. Here are the things they've admitted to asking them.

1. First and foremost, they're your saving grace in desperate situations.

2. And you know you can count on them to answer the most important questions.

3. They're the ones you look forward to texting when boredom sinks in.

4. But sometimes they can be a LITERAL NIGHTMARE.

5. And if you're the younger sister, you know the hand-me-down struggle all too well.

6. They're the ones you go to for pep talks when you're in a difficult situation.

7. Basically, they're always looking out for you.

8. They're your go-to person when you're indecisive about a purchase.

9. And they'll always have your back, even if you were screaming at each other a minute earlier.

10. They're the ones you text your most embarrassing situations to — even if all they do is laugh.

11. And they're the ones who are always there to keep you company.

12. You're always quoting movie lines and inside jokes with each other.

13. And you have your own language that no one but you guys understand.

14. You can fuck with each other but if anyone else DARES to fuck with either of you…it's over.

15. And you know that if they're in a good mood, they'll agree to almost anything.

16. And even though there are times where you annoy each other to the extreme...

17. know there is nobody on this good earth you enjoy annoying more than them.

Submitted by kparx23

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