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    This Texas Woman's Car Is Now Trapped Under A Block Of Ice After A Pipe Above It Burst

    That's a lot of ice.

    If you somehow haven't heard already, Texas has been experiencing a lot of extreme winter weather lately.

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    This is Kiana Vance from Dallas, Texas, and recently she experienced a very unfortunate event after parking her car under a water pipe in her parking garage. The water line burst and froze her vehicle, and she documented it in a now-viral TikTok:


    y’all I’m done #icestorm #dallas #snowstorm #dallasnews

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    "Before the ice storm, I parked this car on the top level of my apartment parking garage and stopped driving it because I got a new car," Kiana told BuzzFeed. "Little did I know, the pipe above the car burst right when the storm hit — and nobody told me that it was leaking on my car."

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    "I found out about it when I saw it on the news because I have been driving my other car that’s located on a different floor of the garage. It’s still frozen. I’m going to just wait for it to thaw out before doing anything that might damage the car more."

    Courtesy of Kiana Vance

    "I was shocked when my TikTok videos got as big as they did. I definitely wasn’t expecting that to happen! A lot of jokes and memes have come out of it, but I’m happy that my car — as completely screwed as it is — could make people laugh," Kiana said. "I guess the one thing I’ll say is...I’m never parking under a pipe ever again."


    we love a pipe burst :’) #dallasnews #winterstorm #ohno

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    Here's hoping that there's minimal damage under all that ice!

    Courtesy of Kiana Vance

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