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30 Photos That Prove Texas And LA Are Two Separate Worlds

Truly two different universes.

1. Street parking in LA:

2. Street parking in Texas:

3. Breakfast in LA:

4. Breakfast in Texas:

5. Homes in LA:

6. Homes in Texas:

7. Festivals in LA:

8. Festivals in Texas:

9. Wildlife in LA:

11. Fast food in LA:

12. Fast food in Texas:

13. Tattoos in LA:

14. Tattoos in Texas:

15. Dining out in LA:

"Market price" for avocado toast has to be the most L.A. thing to have ever L.A.-ed.

EveFluff / Via reddit.com

16. Dining out in Texas:

17. Driving in LA:

18. Driving in Texas:

In Texas “speed limit 45” translate to “if we all go 60 the cops can’t pull us all over” and I think that’s so beautiful

billyjack13 / Via reddit.com

19. Weather in LA:

20. Weather in Texas:

21. Directing people in LA:

22. Directing people in Texas:

23. Gas stations in LA:

24. Gas stations in Texas:

25. Fashion in LA:

26. Fashion in Texas:

27. Spring in LA:

28. Spring in Texas:

29. License plates in LA:

30. License plates in Texas: