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13 Texas Quirks The World Just Doesn’t Understand

Time to set y'all straight.

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1. Giving/receiving mums for the Homecoming football game.

Mums are worn at Homecoming games and decorated to the nines with ribbons, bells, and other slightly pricey craft decor. If the student is in their senior year, the mum will be all white instead of in their traditional school colors.

2. 3 a.m. Whataburger stops.

ofelia_ / Via

Yes, Whataburger is as good as everyone says. But the real deal of this place isn't just the fresh burgers, but the fact that they're open 24/7. Which means it's a great place to hit up after a night of drinking.

3. Taking photoshoots with the bluebonnets in the spring.

shainadahlitz / Via

Bluebonnets are Texas state flower. Every spring, grassy areas come to life when they bloom and typically, that means it's prime time for photo op moments.


7. Using "bless your heart" as an endearing term — and a way of throwing shade.

lern_seiler / Via

Depending on context, they could mean "bless your heart you're so innocent" or "bless your heart you're such a moron." You'll know which one when you hear it.


10. Mopping up your BBQ with giant slices of white bread.

barrel_technician / Via

Every good BBQ joint will offer you multiple pieces of white bread with your meat. You can either make it a sandwich or use it to mop up your BBQ sauce. Either way, it's delicious.

11. Stocking up on Blue Bell ice cream for any big occasion.

merryberrydesigns / Via

Not only is Blue Bell super tasty, but the brand was founded in Brenham, Texas. Texas pride is strong, even within its ice cream choices.